When Volleyball Canada’s 2020 Nationals were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, VolleyballStuff and Volleyball Canada partnered to launch the “Rally Together Apart” campaign. The volleyball community responded in a big way, and together we raised more than $25,000 for Food Banks of Canada. The response to the campaign was inspiring, and it made us proud to be part of a community that is so willing and eager to help fellow Canadians through such a difficult time.

“It’s amazing to see the support for this project, even as athletes and families had planned for months to attend Nationals, only to have it cancelled due to the current restrictions on large events,” said Robin Guy, Volleyball Canada director of governance and partnerships. “I would also like to thank VolleyballStuff and their staff for the flexibility to make this campaign happen in a timely way under tough conditions.”
Robin Guy, Director of Partnership, Volleyball Canada

“This donation will put food on the tables of hundreds of families across the country, and we hope to continue our efforts to assist those who need it the most.”

Sanjiv Jasra, Managing Partner, Volleyball Stuff